What I Do

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    Employing our unique macro dynamic model to evaluate ideas and supported by a small team of independent and diligent professionals, free of legacy or 3rd party interests. Note: We do not offer investment advice.

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    Organically Grow and Optionally Sell, we can minimise uncertainty and help protect your investment using our "Equity Valuation and Profit Growth Model". Because of our unique macro perspective, we can also better evaluate timing at many critical levels (not just tax).

Free of legacy and 3rd party interests

... without any pressure to compromise

Seeing through the noise ... retired software entrepreneur managing my own pension fund and providing business consultancy.

Capitalizing on my ability to anticipate complex shifts in fragile and uncertain markets, my skill set also offers a unique insight into the process of business development, recognizing and shaping business equity and opportunities (macro & micro) into concepts with a high probability of success. LinkedIn

Excellence + Ethics

Properly skilled and resourced, I undertake projects of all shapes and sizes

Global Macro Engineering : supported by our unique macro dynamic    model.

Organically Grow and Optionally Sell Your Business, we provide certainty and protection that helps create the best possible outcome.

Secure/Enrypted Communication & Protocol

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