I undertake a diverse range of projects, so please contact me to discuss yours ...

  • TRADING employing our unique macro dynamic model to evaluate ideas and supported by a small team of independent and diligent professionals, free of legacy or 3rd party interests. Note: I do not offer investment advice.
  • BUSINESS: Organically Grow and Optionally Sell, I can minimise uncertainty and help protect your investment using our "Equity Valuation and Profit Growth Model". Because of my unique macro perspective, I can also better evaluate timing at many critical levels (not just tax).
  • IT/CODING with professional programming utilising the latest technology. Strong in IT utilising advanced technology, coding, databases, mathematics and analytics.
  • Trading

    Trading Experience includes Low-latency algorithmic trading, thread-safe trading platforms, full life cycle commercial development, code platform translation, pattern recognition models, backtesting engines, trading strategy development, communication protocols and more recently CryptoCurrencies.

  • Business

    Business Consultancy Experience includes building strong cash flow and sustained profit growth with a high probability of success: Sales & Marketing, CRM, Pipeline Management, Workshop Scheduling, Key Staff Incentive Schemes, Business Processes, Bookkeeping, Business Dashboards. If you want to explore your growth (and optional exit) potential then email to arrange a confidential discussion (If we decide to work together, I'll first need to identify what your problems are before discussing my fees).

  • IT/Coding (+ Ad-Hoc Quick Turnaround)

    Languages include C#, C++, VB, .Net, SQL, Excel\VBA and multiple commercial languages. Also substantial networking experience, mostly on the Windows platform. If you need my help or advice for ad-hoc IT issues please contact me.

All client property is treated as confidential restricted and on project completion is disposed of in a manner that prevents inadvertent loss or disclosure. This policy helps maintain the trust of many long term clients.
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